The Sting

So there is a lump in the back of the little one’s britches… but no odor.

Odd!!! It’s the rare child that can poop their pants without punishing all who are nearby with the stench of their diminutive body’s daily B.M. (And why is it that little people can smell up a large space so effortlessly???)

So I lean over and look inside, thinking that I might be able to clean her little britches out without having to abandon the morning’s activities, pull the pants back and find…

Oh, my GOD! It is unbelievable! Completely mind boggling.

Nestled into the toddler’s underwear is…

a pile of…

a big wad of…

tissue paper.

The child had not pooped at all but had played a fantastic prank on her mother worthy of a Calvin and Hobbes strip without Hobbes to egg her on!


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