Step by Step

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You’d think that Mother Nature could get it together for a few hours for an important day like this. After working like crazy to be here, it would have been nice to at least have had some sunshine… alas we were just lucky it wasn’t raining!

The pictures that I caught of you unawares, smiling to yourself, proud of your accomplishment are the best ones. You have a right to be proud of yourself. It’s not easy to make it through college and it’s really not easy to have to work while your doing it!

City Park

Taking a walk on a Sunday afternoon with the new baby.

She looks a little tired!

I guess we’re going now.

City Park is lovely at any time of year.

An historic building by Denver standards…

Birds of a feather and all that jazz

I’ m not sure where people get twins, but you’re definitely sisters!

She’ll definitely be spoiled.

A couple of trouble makers

Making new friends!

Let’s go already!

These guys are simply marvelous– when they’re out there in the water or up in the air.

A lovely walk around the park and visit for the girls. We’ll have to do that again one day!